Back in the Loop

Well, the baleful winter has passed, and I’m starting to get excited by the turn of the season. I popped over to the Appalachian Studies Association conference in Dahlonega, Georgia last month and had a chance to sit down with Larry Smith, publisher of our forthcoming anthology FROM HILL TO HOLLER at Bottom Dog Press. Also had a chance to meet and chat with several conference goers who are excited about the book, including a few university professors who are interested in making it a supplemental textbook for the teaching of Appalachian Literature. There’s a lot of excitement about the anthology, and for good reason. We have some excellent fiction on tap from the likes of Ron Rash, Crystal Wilkinson and Jim Nichols. More to come as we get closer to the deadline for call for submissions. The submissions are still open and you can read them here.

Speaking of great grit lit, FRIED CHICKEN AND COFFEE has a fine and harrowing story by John McManus called “Blood Brothers”. Read it and you won’t be the same for the rest of the day.

I’ve had a couple of stories pop up on the internet in the last little while that have been getting some positive attention. My story “Carrion” is up at NECESSARY FICTION and “Hawkins’s Boy” is available at PANK.

Also, galleys for my Appalachian novel LAMBS OF MEN arrived this week. Should be getting advanced reviews pretty soon. As soon as they roll in, I’ll throw them up here for your perusal. Also, I’ll be putting up a sample chapter at my website in the coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Back in the Loop

  1. I just finished reading Hawkins’s Boy at a bar in Brooklyn where they’re playing Hank Williams. A very enjoyable experience.

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