Announcing a New Book Review Source

Beginning next week I will begin posting original book reviews of small press books on this blog space. The first book I will be treating is Matt Brigg’s THE STRONG MAN. The reviews will be about 500 words a piece and mimic the format of my Rain Taxi reviews. If you are an author or publisher of a small press interested in submitting a book for consideration, drop me an email at charles AT charlesdoddwhite DOT com. I look forward to building a good resource for the independent literary scene.

2 thoughts on “Announcing a New Book Review Source

  1. i do this quite a lot myself. i find there is not quite enough promotion for book tours anymore. lack of funds for one thing because of the drop in sales do to the new technology available by the was of e -books. i do admit it is very tempting and I will do a bit of both types of reading , but i am a true bibliophile and i do want my books surround me as old friends that i like to read over and over again. but there is something to be said about the genuine word of a try and honest book critic. also using new social media techniques like music , video and pictures can help put you in the frame of mind of a book you may want to read at a certain time. i was an english teacher and i had to convince students t read and i also worked as a librarian. no one in my library ever walked out of the library empty handed. i agree with the old fashion book reviews tat show ones passion to convince other a book can help in many areas.

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    Read this great new author , i have a feeling you will like his style. i am going to reblog his review on his wonderful release on my blog@ copley_dawn

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