Update on William Gay’s THE LOST COUNTRY

This might be old news to a few of you, but I recently stumbled across a youtube video of William Gay reading in Clarkesville, TN in early Fall of 2010. Aside from an interesting hour’s worth of reading and answering questions, Gay gives a bit of an inside look at what has impeded the much anticipated (and delayed) release of his novel THE LOST COUNTRY by MacAdam Cage. Skip to 51:30 to hear his comments about this and his agent’s intention to secure a new publisher for the book.

4 thoughts on “Update on William Gay’s THE LOST COUNTRY

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this, Charles. I know a lot of people who’ve been curious as to the delay, and I won’t lie, this isn’t a surprise at all. I have a good bit of respect for MacAdam Cage, they’ve put out some of my favorite novels, but, like I said, this isn’t a surprise.

  2. Good video. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one waiting for his next novel. Looks like he made some friends in the movie industry. I hope I’ll be reading this book sometime soon. Nice blog.

  3. Readers who enjoy southern talent-literature have suffered yet a trememdous blow with the deaths of both Mississippi’s Larry Brown & now a true talent, William Gay…Anyone who has tried to get either short stories published..or a novel published knows the publishing world is in turmoil. … Actually have to be a household name…to get a reading by an editor today.

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