A New List and a new Book by Val Nieman

Two interesting developments this week. First, a good list of excellent works in Latin American Literature just got posted here.

Secondly, the ARC for Val Nieman’s BLOOD CLAY just arrived in the mail this week. I was lucky enough to pick on of Val’s stories for the anthology DEGREES OF ELEVATION and I’m excited about reviewing her new novel due out this March, and perhaps, if I’m lucky run an interview as well.

3 thoughts on “A New List and a new Book by Val Nieman

  1. That story was particularly good. The denouement and the game warden’s demeanor make you feel as powerless as the main character. I find it interesting how the clash between average folks minding their own and the authorities is such a prevalent theme in Appalachian literature. Something similar is also seen in Ron Rash’s story in the anthology.

    • Thanks for the comment, Gonzalo B. The central event of the plot, though not the characters, came from a true incident in West Virginia. Doyle reflected the simmering anger I saw in many folks as times changed in the mountains.

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