Mountain Top Removal Sit-in Underway in Kentucky

Right now a group of protestors are sitting-in at the Governor of Kentucky’s Office demanding he meets with them about Mountaintop Removal and economic stablilty in the region. He had refused discussion up until this point. To support their efforts for an honest exchange of ideas, you can call 502-564-2611

Among those participating in the protest direcly are many notable Appalachian figures:

Wendell Berry, Teri Blanton, Rick Handshoe, John Hennen, Bev May, Mickey McCoy, Martin Mudd, Erik Reece, and Stanley Sturgill.

Those supporting the efforts include:

 Lisa Abbott, Chad Berry, Greg Capillo, Doug Doerrfield, Silas House, Jason Howard, Carissa Lengert, Kevin Pentz, Lora Smith, and Tanya Turner.

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