A Look at Suicide, Violence, and Guns

I have a personal essay up this week at The Rumpus. It is a difficult piece that deals with family issues, but I believe it’s one of the more important things I’ve done as a writer. For those who have dealt with suicide, especially within the context of the ongoing culture of violence in America, I’d be pleased for you to take a few minutes to give it a read here. rifle2-200x200

One thought on “A Look at Suicide, Violence, and Guns

  1. I read and greatly appreciate your essay, in fact long-handed four quotations from it. I started to follow your blog but stopped because the network requires access to a follower’s list of facebook friends, which suggests to me that the network will post things to my friends on facebook. I’m not sure my friends want to hear from me, much less from a network that I only joined to follow a blog. Such is life these days, I suppose. Anyhow, I wondered if you were aware of this drawback to your new blog home.

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