One thought on “New Website

  1. Charles ~ Excuse me for not being aware ! Congratulations with the new book ! It sounds wonderful and I am so off on my own with writing and reviews right now. Our trails group was moving a bit slow for the directions I wanted to follow. I am all over the map really and very much concerned with helping writers get published and people of all ages learning to really read. So many people not just kids cannot comprehend or use critical thinking skills. I have been budget cut from teaching in Mississippi schools ( the poorest in the country( for 15 years now and I have been trying to use other means to reach every age to communicate better by reading and writing . I am so tired of “Texting” in life write now as I work in social media so much that I could scream! LOL! That I even know what LOL means makes me angry !
    That being said, I am so happy for you and your success. I have love your books and I can’t wait to review this one. You being at UTKnoxville now may give me the pleasure of an interview. This year is the first year I am trying to include as many interviews with those who “Let their Light Shine” to inspire others as you have. I hope to unveil the new site soon. I would love to have you as a guest after I read your book, since I am a big fan of your work and Appalachian Literature. It is close to my heart because of my blood relatives in those mountains ! I am still following our Trail Readers too just not as closely as I was in the past.
    I hope to see you at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi this year!

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