Charles Dodd White ( b. 1976) is a writer who lives in eastern Tennessee. He is a recipient of the Thomas and Lillie D. Chaffin Award for excellence in Appalachian Literature, a Jean Ritchie Fellowship from Lincoln Memorial University, and an individual artist’s grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. He is author of the novels, IN THE HOUSE OF WILDERNESS (Forthcoming 2018), A SHELTER OF OTHERS (2014), LAMBS OF MEN (2010), and the story collection, SINNERS OF SANCTION COUNTY (2011). He is also editor of the contemporary Appalachian story anthologies, DEGREES OF ELEVATION (2010) and APPALACHIA NOW (2015). His work has appeared in Red Holler: Contemporary Appalachian Writing, Walk Till the Dogs Get Mean: Meditations on the Forbidden from Contemporary Appalachia, Appalachian Heritage, The Louisville Review, North Carolina Literary Review, The Rumpus, Tusculum Review and others. He is an Associate Professor at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee. He is represented by Christopher Rhodes of The Stuart Agency.

One thought on “About

  1. Hey Charles- I am in your Goodreads group on the Southern Literary Trails!! Caught up with you and first read Lambs of Men . Great book! Gave it 5 stars but I realized I never wrote a review . I will fix that. I have read all about the new book which has really been out now for awhile . I saw it at Square Books in Oxford and bought it then. I was hoping you might get to Oxford, MS. To sign it for me!!! It would be nice to meet you and your family and show you Oxford. I love your blog. I have been working on mine . HA!!! I am not good with the technical stuff! Nothing every comes out in the right place!!! I had a pretty good first week , but after that EVERYTIME I touched the keyboard to alter or change something, things went wrong. Then my modem was hit by lightning. So, I have had issues online. I recently Reblogged this post from this brilliant photographer named David McCurry . He did a gallery of pictures themed on , The Faces Of Afghanistan . Beautiful album with quotes throughout . I was wondering if you would mind if I reblog your post about your book . The Vimeo video is such a great idea about marketing the book. The music and the scenery is perfect to place a person in the mood to read the “antipastoral” novel!!! I love that term. I have only heard that term once in my last Southern Literature Class . I believe we were referring to a strange story written by Eudora Welty or Flannery O ‘Conner. The Welty Story I had never read and I can’t think of it but it was strange. I will look for the story later. I use the fake name below on my blog but I did use my real picture until my gravatar image messed up!!! LOL! Garbage in Garbage out!!! That is what my computer courses always taught. If I see one more cute saying, ” Code is Poetry” ! I think I will write the company a big fat letter saying , ” I am an English Teacher , and I have never seen any gobblety gook like that in an English book from which I have taught proper literature , and that includes poetry!!! ” .

    Well, let me know if I can reblog your blog about your book on my website. I want my website to be about authors , reading reviews, personal writings about any prompts that inspire me to write, art of all types, music, interesting people . I wanted to create a website to represent me — a person who Loves People and the Amazing world we live in together . I don’t quite have a title yet because I do not have something simple or creative enough to name the blog!!! How do you describe your whole personality in one adjective or one catchy phrase ? I have always had this problem with writing, I can never keep my topic narrow.
    Merci ,
    Dawn Copley

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