dodd-whiteIn the House of Wilderness (September 2018)

Published by Swallow Press, the trade imprint of Ohio University Press.

Rain is a young woman under the influence of a charismatic drifter named Wolf and his other “wife,” Winter. Through months of wandering homeless through the cities, small towns, and the landscape of Appalachia, the trio have grown into a kind of desperate family, a family driven by exploitation and abuse. A family that Rain must escape.

When she meets Stratton Bryant, a widower living alone in an old east Tennessee farmhouse, Rain is given the chance to see a bigger world and find herself a place within it. But Wolf will not let her part easily. When he demands loyalty and obedience, the only way out is through an episode of violence that will leave everyone involved permanently damaged.

A harrowing story of choice and sacrifice, In the House of Wilderness is a novel about the modern South and how we fight through hardship and grief to find a way home.


“Charles Dodd White writes with grace and beauty, and In the House of Wilderness delivers with a resounding blow, as he skillfully balances that which lies beneath and that which shows its sometimes courageous and sometimes brutal face. Each sentence is a melody that carries you with care from the first word to the last.”

—Michael Farris Smith, author of Desperation Road and Rivers

“Novels this savage and soulful come along rarely, but In the House of Wilderness delivers both in spades. This book rocked me to the core. With dazzling prose and mythical characters, especially Rain, Charles Dodd White has crafted a masterpiece.”

—Andrew Hilleman, author of World, Chase Me Down

“In a work that conjures the spirits of both Kent Haruf and Jim Harrison, Charles Dodd White’s In the House of Wilderness examines loyalty, exploitation, and loss in language so finely wrought that what is a novel eventually becomes a prose poem. Bringing together the themes and lyricism that have defined his early work with a thriller-like intensity, Wilderness is not only beautiful, compelling, and haunting. It is necessary and important. This is what we mean when we talk about serious fiction.”

Mark Powell, author of The Sheltering and Small Treasons


White+-+A+Shelter+of+Others+-+Final+Cover (1)A Shelter of Others

Following his release from prison, Mason Laws returns to the mountains of his youth where his estranged wife, Lavada, has been caring for his ailing father in his absence. As Mason and Lavada set forth to recover themselves, they remain entrenched in the rural and rugged landscape that bore them and their haunted histories. This moving story tells of the families we’re borne into, the families we make for ourselves, and how tightly woven are the ties that bind.

“Charles Dodd White’s writing is dark, gothic and steeped in a voice that is all his own. A Shelter of Others confronts what it means to be human.” Frank Bill, author of Donnybrook

“It would be easy to draw comparisons to Harry Crews, Ron Rash, or James Salter, but to do so would overlook a voice uniquely his own. Charles Dodd White whittles language down to its most beautiful form. His prose has been pared to poetry. Simple as that.” David Joy, author of Where All Light Tends To Go

“Charles Dodd White is one of the best young writers at work today, and A Shelter of Others is his best book yet, a quiet masterpiece in the tradition of Ron Rash and Daniel Woodrell.” — Kyle Minor, author of Praying Drunk

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Sinners of Sanction County is one of the best story collections to come out of the American South in recent times. Writing in a spare, poetic style that fairly crackles with energy, Charles Dodd White makes perf5.500x8.500.inddhis mark as a major new talent as he masterfully explores the raw beauty and pathos of life among tough people caught in bad situations. With this book, he has nailed the coonskin to the wall.

— Donald Ray Pollock, author of Knockemstiff

Charles Dodd White is an exceptionally talented writer, and these stories secure his place as one of Appalachia’s best short story writers. He’s the real deal.

–Ron Rash, author of Burning Bright and The Cove

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Returning from the horrors of the First World War to recruit volunteers in his remote Appalachian home, Marine Sergeant Hiram Tobit finds the country changed. His mother has committed suicide, dredging up old resentments between Hiram and his father, Sloane. When a gruesome act of violence stuns the insular mountain community, father and son must journey together to see justice carried out while coming to terms with a deeply troubled family history.

“Charles Dodd White’s Lambs of Men is a beautifully wrought, rigorous work, its language forged in the fiery mind of a true artist. This is literature of admirable pureness and integrity.” –Robin Lippincott, author of In the Meantime


4 thoughts on “Books

  1. Charles-
    I need to get into the short stories Sinners of Sanction County too! I really loved Lambs of Men. I do not know why I never wrote my review. I must have been playing catch up as usual. Do you think it is a little difficult to thoroughly give proper attention to books we read in the length of time we have? I read 2 books for the trails group and I book for the Around WWI group and I usually throw in one or two complimentary reads for friends and do a good review. I usually read on average 4 books a week. I love to read , but is that fair to the author and the book. Should we not spend more time discussing the books and really talking about some of the issues. I find when I do this I have some long discussions that continue on and on . They come back to haunt me later too!!! Just reading one book a month might be better and talk more about the book and enjoy it. How do you feel? You are a full fledged author as a wannabe , I would love to hear your point of view along with some of the other authors in our group. That would be cool! Just something to think about!!!

    Dawn Copley

    • I wish I could read that much! I’m happy with a book a week. I need to get over there to the discussion board and post more.

      • Hi ! Itmarlborough !
        I am so glad you commented on my long and lively post! I said that is how much I need to read , yet I rarely read most. I really do concentrate on reading the authors that ask me to review because that is an honor to me. The rest I just love . I just read a quote that I awakened to this morning as a daily sort of thing. The quote was from Truman Capote’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s and said, ” You should always remember those who ever gave you confidence. ” I immediately thought I would have to list a long list of authors . Books have always been my comfort, my laughter, my place to imagine, and to learn. I also respect anyone who ever attempts to use the written word to communicate with others. The world is full of beautiful and wonderful people, we all have stories. I am a story, you are a story , everyone has a story. Each time you share your story with someone that person’s life is enriched. I feel I am enriched today my friend because you told me part of your story. Now, I have more confidence that I am worthy !!! HA! Have a great day ! Irenadawn

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