McSweeney’s and the Rough South

Appalachia Now, in the news:

Incidentally, here is the list of contributors:

Appalachia Now: Short Stories of Contemporary Appalachia (Appalachian Fiction Series) Paperback – June 11, 2015
by Charles Dodd White (Editor), Larry Smith (Editor), Chris Offutt (Contributor), Chris Holbrook (Contributor), Marie Manilla (Contributor), Meredith Sue Willis (Contributor), Darnell Arnoult (Contributor), Mark Powell (Contributor), Rusty Barnes (Contributor), Savannah Sipple (Contributor), Mesha Maren (Contributor), Jon Sealy (Contributor), Jacinda Townsend (Contributor), Taylor Brown (Contributor), Carrie Mullins (Contributor), David Joy (Contributor), Matt Brock (Contributor)